On a mission for the IoT unchained

Besquare is all about overcoming the boundaries of rigid, commercialized IoT ecosystems and empowering companies with freedom to take their own course of IoT innovations.

We make the Internet of Things
open for everyone

As the company steering the evolution of the open-source IoT Platform, we see our main mission in paving the way to the open, flexible, and innovation-friendly Internet of Things. We stand on the premise that broad, accessible interoperability between smart “things” is a key factor for effective IoT adoption. That’s why we work passionately to allow developers and companies go far and wide with the IoT.

We believe in genuine competition of ideas and that everyone will benefit from companies all over the world building and evolving their own IoT-powered solutions, in every sector of the economy. If freedom is something worth fighting for, we fight for the freedom of IoT innovations.

Introducing the IoT to the enterprise

We have come a long way in helping companies master the IoT technology and turn it into actual value for their customers. On top of the IoT, we introduce a comprehensive stack of modern technologies to the enterprise needs, including Big Data analytics, Web, and artificial intelligence. If you want to enter this new dimension of business opportunities created by the IoT, we can guide you every step of the way.

No-compromise, 100% technology ownership

The IoT technology is a strategic asset that comes in different modes. Companies use it to develop smart products and services for their customers or they optimize their operations and drive down production costs. However, the ultimate mode lies in the capability to develop these and other solutions on a company’s own foundations. Building your profile of the IoT-proficient company that takes technology to its front page – there is no equally strong alternative.

That’s why the IoT Platform is 100% open for use and every solution that we deliver to our clients comes with 100% ownership over custom developed technology. Bit by bit, you build up your own enterprise platform that not only gets you in full command over your development initiatives but also effectively expands your company’s presence on B2C, B2B, and PaaS directions at the same time.

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